My R-Net Research Turned Into Something Real By MIT/Berkeley Students

“Vega and Singer created WheelSense, a modular, customizable add-on system for wheelchairs that provides spatial awareness for visually impaired users to identify obstacles and ease their navigation. It has three features; frontal staircase detection through auditory feedback, backward obstacle-avoidance assistance through auditory feedback, and lateral ramp-edge detection through haptic feedback. They hope to disrupt the expensive market for assistive technologies for the disabled community by making their technology open source.” - MIT news site

GeekPwn 2016

I always wanted to write a blog post about the entire experience since so many people kept asking about the trip. I found some time to do so. I hope you find this blog post very interesting and fun to read! GeekPwn Main Stage Attacking power-wheelchairs GeekPwn was my 2nd information security conference, but also the 1st international conference I went to while I was in my last semester at MSU Denver.