Making AI To Work For Me Part 1

So I’m finally learning how to look for eyes and blink detection with some machine learning. This is going to be a part of a bigger project I will be designing for myself.

For those who know me know I need to talk faster, to communicate more effectively, and to be more independent. I hate being judged because I can’t talk verbally and due to the wheelchair. I hate both of these things.

For now, I will build an artificial intelligence system that will hopefully solve some of my major issues I have. It will be there to do things for me. It will increase my bandwidth communicating with people and interact with anything I want. And it will at some point learn hacking since I do that a lot. It will be an unique system no one has yet.

No more misunderstandings with people because of a misread word or the fact people really like to change what they thought when they saw reading my shit. As a side-effect, people they just make shit up instead of asking me what I really mean because reading is too hard.

No more wasting time. No more worrying about what people say about me because it’s that easy for them to walk away and ignore me. No more. And finally no more writing long-ass messages to say or clarity shit. I will be finally say whatever I want without worrying about unintended situations from happening just because reading is so more foreign then speaking. Shit always go south when people start to read my shit wrong. If I said something “wrong”, everything falls like a domino afterwards and it’s near damn impossible to recover from that. You will not understand this until you have to type 247 to people. Believe me, it’s not fun.

I could even talk in realtime (by watching my mouth, my system will learn my own language) then speak for me. That will be so nice.

Currently, I’m diving into the abyss of artificial intelligence, machine learning and blogs. If anyone is willing to give tips, book names or anything useful for this project. I will be your new friend. :D

Testing Existing Code

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