Building the Zombie Ant in Blockchain

The next generation of hacking tools using blockchains: part 1

Build The Future For Medical Device Hacking

Stephen and Lani are both student cyber security researchers who are trying to innovate the future. We were among the first to exploit a power wheelchair physically and since then, we have begun improving this research. We are working on making power-wheelchairs autonomous (self-driving) and are also looking into the possibility of using Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) to make wheelchairs operable with your mind. Our research has opened many doors in multiple areas like information security, medical device hacking, and helped to earn presenting spots in globally recognized conferences like DEFCON, GeekPwn, and Kaspersky Security Analyst Summit.

Kaspersky SAS 2017

Kaspersky SAS 2017 was so much fun! We met some very interesting people and made a lot of connections with people. So much stuff to be seen and heard. I couldn’t be prepared for what happened! Everything from ATM hacking to drone hacking was done there. Lani kicked ass as always, she had her own sweet dancing performance that everyone loved and our talk. We came in as newbies and became superstars at the end.

Making AI To Work For Me Part 1

So I’m finally learning how to look for eyes and blink detection with some machine learning. This is going to be a part of a bigger project I will be designing for myself. For those who know me know I need to talk faster, to communicate more effectively, and to be more independent. I hate being judged because I can’t talk verbally and due to the wheelchair. I hate both of these things.